Cloud Point Of Sale System

Cyfred POS is a robust cloud Point of Sale (POS) system designed for seamless product and service sales, whether you’re operating in-store or on-the-go, on any device. It’s tailored to cater to businesses of all types, offering its capabilities to enterprises both in Kenya and worldwide

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Intelligent, industry-focused business functionality that helps growing businesses see and connect every facet of their business in the cloud

cloud point of sale

Built to simplify your day-to-day

 Seamlessly manage your retail operations in the cloud with our feature-rich cloud point of Sale solution. Streamline sales, track inventory, and enhance customer service with our cutting-edge POS technology. Elevate your business with our Cloud POS System today!

Sales Analytics

Analyze sales and customer data for strategic insights.

Inventory Management

Effortlessly track and restock items to maintain stock levels.

Real-Time Data Access

Get instant access to live sales and inventory data

Multi-Platform Accessibility

Manage your business from various devices, anywhere with an internet connection.

Complete Business Solutions Suite

See what’s possible when you have growth-friendly technology and award-winning support behind you.

Cloud point of Sale

Sales & Inventory
Free Trial
  • Point of Sale
  • Sales Orders, Invoices
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting
  • Customer Accounts

Business Suite

Manage your business
Ksh. 4,500
Monthly | VAT EXCL
  • Project Tracking
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Reporting, Dashboards, and Analytics

HRM System

Manage employees
Ksh. 1,800
Monthly | VAT EXCL
  • Payroll - Payslips
  • Recruit module
  • Time Attendance
  • Leave management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Perfomance management
  • Employee information mgt

Your Brand's Best Friend

Cyfred’s Cloud POS System is a modern, cloud-based software solution designed to help businesses efficiently manage sales, inventory, and customer interactions. It provides a range of tools and features for streamlining operations.

Cyfred’s Cloud POS caters to a variety of industries, including retail, supermarkets, electronics shops, restaurants, and more. If your business involves sales and customer transactions, it’s likely a good fit.

Access the Cyfred Cloud POS from anywhere with an internet connection. You can use a web browser or the dedicated mobile app on your preferred device.

Yes, our system is designed for multi-device use. You can access it on tablets, smartphones, and computers, providing flexibility in managing your business.

Cyfred’s system includes features for sales management, inventory tracking, real-time analytics, and customer relationship management. It also supports multiple payment methods.

By using our Cloud POS System, you can expect increased efficiency, real-time data access, automated updates, and improved customer service. It’s a solution designed to help your business thrive.

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