Kijiwe Kipya


Mwenge TRA, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania




+255 756 795 022

Empowering Out-of-School Youth

In early 2020, ICCAO developed the Kijiwe Kipya program aimed at assisting out-of-school youth, with a special focus on out-of-school girls, launched on April 4th, 2020. The program seeks to mitigate teen pregnancies and child marriages while addressing unemployment rates and alleviating the burden on the government.


  1. Reach Out-of-School Youth: Create a safe space for youth, provide career guidance, and foster engagement in development activities.
  2. Reduce Unemployment: Provide solutions to financial barriers and lack of entrepreneurial skills, offering support in raising capital and increasing participation in development initiatives.


  1. Youth Groups Fund Channel: Connect youth groups to financial or social capital channels and impart financial management skills.
  2. Vocational Training Skills Development: Provide business facilities and knowledge to equip youth with technical skills and financial management know-how in their respective business sectors.
  3. Competition Programs: Conduct the Kijiwe Kipya challenge to instill a competitive spirit among youth, fostering creativity, innovation, and the generation of new business ideas.

Through these initiatives, Kijiwe Kipya aims to empower out-of-school youth, contribute to their personal and professional development, and create positive social and economic impacts in the community.