Maslahi Yetu Kwanza Program


Mwenge TRA, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania




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Empowering youth for effective civic participation

In Tanzania, youth constitute a significant portion of the population, yet they face numerous challenges including unemployment, lack of information, health issues, and limited meaningful engagement in decision-making processes. Engaging young people in politics is crucial for safeguarding and strengthening democracy worldwide. However, the practice of using marginalized platforms, particularly Boda boda youth and university students, in political campaigns and subsequently neglecting their interests after elections is a common issue.

Objectives: The Maslahi Yetu Kwanza Program aims to address these challenges by:

  1. Building capacity in youth for strategic leadership, personal leadership, and civic participation.
  2. Supporting existing youth platforms such as the Youth in Boda boda Association, marginalized youth, and university students to understand and advocate for their interests.
  3. Facilitating interaction between existing youth groups and youth representatives in local government.


  1. Mtaa Kwa Mtaa TV Talkshow: Conducting street interviews with youth on topics related to leadership, youth interests, and their understanding and participation in community activities.
  2. Youth National Dialogue: Organizing a forum focused on youth interests, leadership, and development through panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and sharing success stories.
  3. Online & Offline Campaign: Conducting campaigns both online and offline to raise awareness and engage youth in civic participation and leadership development.

Through these activities, the Maslahi Yetu Kwanza Program strives to empower youth to actively participate in shaping their communities and advocating for their interests in a sustainable and meaningful manner.