Sikio na Bega Program


Mwenge TRA, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania




+255 756 795 022

Empowering adolescent girls for a brighter future

The Sikio na Bega Program is dedicated to addressing the challenge of school dropouts among adolescent girls, ensuring they reach their full potential. The program employs a multifaceted approach, focusing on Sexual Reproductive Health Education, Advocacy to End Child Marriages, Providing Awareness Education, and Building a Feminist Movement in young girls. By doing so, the program aims to empower these girls to make informed decisions and defend their rights.

Objectives: The primary objectives of the Sikio na Bega Program are to:

  1. Help young girls build self-confidence and develop the ability to raise their voices in defense of their rights.
  2. Provide a second chance for these girls to move forward and secure their future.


  1. Build Feminist Movement in Young Girls: Fostering a sense of empowerment and solidarity among young girls through advocacy and awareness initiatives.
  2. Girls’ Rights Education: Providing education on the rights of girls, including sexual and reproductive health education, and mental health education.
  3. Chat Desk Counseling: Establishing a chat desk to offer counseling services and conduct private conversations to address the individual needs of girls.
  4. Building Feminist Movement: Continuously nurturing and strengthening the feminist movement among young girls, encouraging them to be strong advocates for their rights.

The Sikio na Bega Program strives to create a supportive environment where adolescent girls can build confidence, gain knowledge, and become resilient defenders of their rights, offering them a renewed opportunity to pursue a brighter future.