University Agenda Connecting Club


Mwenge TRA, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania




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Fostering Global Awareness among Students

The University Agenda Connecting Club (UACC) is a project initiated and managed by the Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization (ICCAO) across various universities in the country.

Project Initiation: Commencing in January 2021, the UACC aims to raise awareness among university students about global issues beyond their academic environment.

Main Objective: The primary goal of the UACC is to broaden students’ perspectives by addressing a diverse range of global issues, going beyond their immediate university experiences.

Key Focus Areas: Under the leadership of ICCAO and the Binti Makini Foundation, the UACC project focuses on several key issues, including:

  1. The Climate Factor: Raising awareness about climate change, climate justice, adaptation strategies, and promoting innovation and creativity. This involves addressing global warming, advocating for recycling, tree planting initiatives, and ensuring the cleanliness and safety of oceans.
  2. Gender-Based Violence: Empowering young women to find their voices, take affirmative action against patriarchal norms, and encourage participation in leadership roles.
  3. Self-Employment: Providing technical skills training, financial education, and facilitating access to funding channels to promote entrepreneurship among students.
  4. Health Issues: Addressing sexual reproductive health, family planning, and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Implementation Approach: The UACC implements its initiatives through seminars, dialogues, discussions, and practical training sessions. Starting with 50 members, the UACC has expanded its reach to 25 universities across the country, with a membership of 3000 students.

Through these efforts, the UACC aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and awareness necessary to address pressing global challenges and contribute positively to society.